Air to Water Heat Pumps

An air to water heat pump is a device that extracts energy from the outside air and transfers it to a water-based system in your home. The created heat can be used as a hot water supply or as space heating in your home.

JAJ Heating can provide you with a more information about the range of air to water heat pumps, and inform you on the best solution for you home.

Applications of Air to Water Heat Pumps

Space Heating

Space heating is the main application of heat pumps. They are perfect solutions for heating systems such as underfloor heating, fan coils and low temperature radiators.

Space Cooling

Reversible heat pumps can be used with fan coils to provide cooling in the summer months when used in conjunction with under floor heating systems.

Domestic Hot Water

Heat pumps are able to provide supply water in the range of 60-65c and can provide a full range of supplementary water heating solutions for homes.

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Advantages of Air to Water Heat Pumps:

  • Low running costs
  • Easy to install / convert
  • High efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low carbon emissions (far lower than gas boilers)
  • Relatively low capital cost

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Air to water heat pumps can be installed in new builds, and we can convert your old home heating system. They are great options for properties who do not have access to gas heating supplies.

If you would like to know more about air to water heat pumps, please get in contact with us to book a consultation where you can learn more.