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Central Heating Install & Repair

The heating in your home is critical to your comfort. If there are any problems with your central heating, we know just how frustrating it can be. Our engineers will respond as soon as possible, and quickly find the cause of your fault. We’ll then be able to provide a solution that will get your central heating working again. If you would like to have a new central heating system installed, our highly qualified team will be able to assist you in picking the best system for your home, and of course, we’ll be able to install it for you. Please get in contact if you need heating services in Southampton, Portsmouth or Hampshire.

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Boiler Services & Installs

Your boiler requires regular servicing if you want to keep it in proper working order. We’ll be able to spot any issues before they turn into anything significant and ensure that your boiler has a long lifetime. If you would like a new boiler installed, that is also a service that we can provide at JAJ Heating Services.

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System Upgrades & Modifications

If you require any assistance with upgrading or modifying your existing systems, then rely on the experts. At JAJ Heating Services we have helped a number of customers get the exact system they want, and if you need any work to your systems, we’ll be able to get it done for you. For any kind of system upgrade or heating services in Southampton or Portsmouth, JAJ Heating Services are here to help.

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Appliance Services

Our engineers can also help with any issues you may be having with the appliances in your home. Whether you’ve got a leaky washing machine or a broken fridge freezer, we’ll quickly find out the cause of this. We’re proficient in carrying out all kinds of repair and if you need a new component for your appliance, we’ll be able to procure a high quality part that will get your appliance back to working order.

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Gas Safety Certificate (GSC)

A GSC is essential if you want total peace of mind. When we carry out a check, we will look for any faults or malfunctions, and investigate whether there is any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We’ll provide a comprehensive check of all your gas appliances, and if there is something wrong, we’ll be able to offer a solution that will get your property up to speed.

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Landlord Certificates

If you are letting a property on the market you are legally required to have a landlord gas safety certificate on record. This will make sure that your property is in safe working order and that your tenants are protected. As expert gas engineers we can give you and your tenants the assurance that you need.

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Power Flushes

Over time, your boiler can accumulate dirt and sludge. The only way that this can be eliminated is with a power flush. A power flush will cleanse your pipes and refresh your system. If your radiators and boiler are noisy, there are leaks or regular breakdowns your boiler may require servicing. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to identify the best course of action.

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Plumbing Repair, Replace & Install

If you have any kind of blockage, leak or interruption in your home, then call in JAJ Heating Services to help find the cause of the breakdown. We know just how frustrating it can be if your toilet, sink or bath are not working properly and we’ll be able to quickly determine the right solution that will get your bathroom and/or kitchen in excellent working condition again.

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